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Wall Mount Dip Station - New At Rogers Athletic

dip station

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New Jersey Clinic

Pingry School New Jersey Clinic

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Itinerary for 6th Annual SC/AD New Jersey Clinic on February 13, 2016:

7:45-8:00 Opening Remarks – Doug Scott/Robert Taylor, Jr.

8:00-8:50 "Using The Mental-Game To Help Your Athletes"
Stu Singer, Founder and Owner of Well Performance Coach

9:00-9:50 "Movement Prep: Speed And Agility Training"
Kevin Dunn, CEO of TEST Sports Clubs

10:00-10:50 "Year Round Programming"
Jake Cox, Football Strength Coach for Villanova University

11:00-11:50 "The Truth About Strength Training"
Mike Gittleson, Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Michigan

11:50-1:00 Lunch Break

12:00-12:50 “Round Table” for Q&A – Presenters will field questions, provide advice, suggestions, and guidance where applicable.

1:00-1:50 "Supplement Industry Insights"
Mark Glazier, CEO of NutraBio

2:00-2:50 "Sport Science And Soccer: Gaining Your Edge"
Garrison Draper, Director of Sports Science for the Philadelphia Union

3:00-3:50 "Team Training From Freshman To Seniors"
Doug Scott, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Pingry School

4:00 Closing comments – Doug Scott/Robert Taylor, Jr.

You can pick up your CEU’s at the completion of the clinic where you registered by handing in your evaluation sheets of the sessions you attended. CEU’s will not be handed out prior to the end of the conference as directed by the NSCA and BOC.

Michigan State Strength And Conditioning Clinic

Michigan State Strength And Conditioning Clinic

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We are closing in on the Spartan Strength & Conditioning Staff’s annual clinic on the weekend of February 12th & 13th, 2016! 

“Tips from the Trenches with the Spartan Strength Staff” will again be a FREE event on Friday evening followed by a great Saturday line-up to be emceed by Dr. Ted Lambrinides, Director of Sports Science for Athletic Strength And Power (ASAP).  The complete speaker lineup includes:

Dr. Wayne Westcott – Famed author and Fitness Research Director, South Shore YMCA

Justus Galac  - New York Jets Head Strength Coach

Jay Hooten – Director of Sports Performance, Northwestern Wildcats’ Football

Dave Lawson – Director of Strength & Conditioning, Tennessee Volunteers’ Football

Jim Kielbaso – Director of Total Performance Training Center

Jessica Watson – Sports Dietitian, Michigan State Athletics

And as always, Ken Mannie and the Spartan Strength staff will be on-hand for a roundtable discussion.

Three Pendulum Machines In One

The Pendulum Shoulder/Incline can become three different machines by making quick and simple adjustments to the seat and 'work arm'. Not only is this machine a tremendous exercise tool and rehabilitative device, it is the space saver that many programs need because of it's varying applications.

MVL 0431

Using the Pendulum Shoulder/Incline as a Chest Press

MVL 0391

The Pendulum Shoulder/Incline adjusted to become an Inclines Press

MVL 0577

The Overhead Press

The Temple Owls

The Temple Owls - 10 wins and 6 weeks in the Top 25 

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  "The owl of the night makes the eagle of the day."


Jeremy Scott holds the title, Master of Strength and Conditioning, he is one of the top coaches in his profession and is headed into his 4th season at Temple University. Jeremy graduated from Lock Haven University and receieved his masters from Penn State where he spent 14 years as a strength coach. He is seen above in the Temple weight room with an 'old' friend and former strength coach, Mike Gittleson.

IMG 4551

IMG 4536

Pendulum Hip Presses

IMG 4544

Pendulum 4-Way Necks

IMG 4549

The Pendulum 3-Way Row

IMG 4543

The Pendulum Power Squat Pro

NSCA Coaches Conference

This year's National Strength and Conditioning Coaches Conference was located in San Antonio, Texas. Strength coaches, personal trainers, physical therapists, athletic trainers and others stopped by the Pendulum booth to Get Strong.

IMG 20160108 070831170


IMG 0379 (1)

IMG 20160109 081724890

IMG 20160109 084810258



Westlake High School - Austin, Texas

Westlake High School in Austin, Texas installes installs the Pendulum Rack Syatem.




Grip Cart Tools

Men in general have stronger hand-grip strength than women, even when taking into acount lean body mass. Females have different distinct features in hand size and shape and men on average have greater hand length and hand breadth than women.  Since hand size relates to grip strength having longer bones, longer muscles, hence a greater number of contractile units, that is, sarcomeres gives the majority of men more than a mechanical edge. This advantage is without discussing moment arms, tendon lengths and proportions of the forearms and wrists The male advantage is such that even female National elite athletes rarely surpass the 50th percentile in hand dynomometry of untrained or not specifically trained men. 

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Though the hand-grip strength of males and females differ from one another the good news is that all can change their strength dramatically. If you measure a population of athletes regardless of gender that do not emphasize grip training, you will find the preferred hand will often be about 10% stronger than the non-preferred hand.  By addressing and changing this strength deficit an athletes' overall body strength will change as well. 

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Erase this 10% deficit by filling your Pendulum Grip Cart with an assortment of tools to address the power, ball, hook, pinch and precision grips, abduction, adduction and wrist extension. Attacking each way we handle an object to assure the associated musculature is maximally developed is the best way to Get Strong.

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Trunk Muscle Training

Scientific studies are essential to our daily functioning and our ability to understand nature and ourselves especially when scientists build a body of research that supports a premise. The basic complexion of studies is that they often disagree, sample sizes may not reflect larger populations, they may have a bias, are to short of duration and have many other limitations that do not adequately reflect what actually is occurring and more.

After multiple individual studies are published in journals it is common for a systematic review of the literature and a meta-analysis. A meta-analysis is a statistical approach to combine the results from the majority of publications in an effort to increase their overall power by improving estimates of the effect and resolve uncertainty when reports disagree.


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The Adjustable Pendulum Core Developer on the Pendulum Power Rack

Recently in Noveber of 2015 in Sports Medicine the article "The Role of Trunk Muscle Strength for Physical Fitness and Athletic Performance in Trained Individuals: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis" was published.

Over numerous years the muscles of the 'core' have been studied extensively by exercise physiologists. The core muscles include the abdominal muscles, back muscles and the muscles around the pelvis.  The transversus abdominis, multifidus, internal and external obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae, longissimus thoracis and the diaphragm are all considered part of this trunk muscle region.

The above postural muscles and stabilizers are considered a 'force transfer center' rather than prime movers.  Imbalances or deficiencies in the groups result in increased fatigue, decreased endurance, lower potential strength and possibly injury. 


The published results of the meta-analysis in Sports Medicine concluded, "Our findings indicate that TMS (trunk muscle strength) plays only a minor role for physical fitness and athletic performance in trained individuals." 

Does this mean that the trunk musculature is not an important area to train?  If you are a highly competitive athlete and can make "limited gains" by adding core movements to your program this 'minor role' can be of significant importance in your success. 


Training the core by providing a greater stress or load on the body than it is normally accustomed to is following the 'overload principle' and will cause a training adaptation. Knowing that regular exercise strengthens the core each core specific exercise you add to your routine, if chosen wisely and is progressive, will be productive. Using an exercise like the Pendulum Core Developer may be exactly what an athlete needs to Get Stronger and gain a competitive advantage.


Warrior Medical and Fitness

Thanks to the fundraising efforts of Dan Geraci and Hardpressed Training out of Chicago, Warrior Medical and Fitness teamed with Rogers Athletics and donated a beautiful MX-4 wheelchair accessible Multi-exerciser for the VETS in San Antonio. The machine was painted in Blue and Gold and looked stunning in their Spinal Care Unit. The VA training staff was blown away at the quality of the machine, the professionalism of our team and cannot wait to get their soldiers training on it. This was the second VA to receive a donation of an MX-4. The Chicago VA received one in September.

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Warrior Medical and Fitness’s goal is to continue to raise funds to provide the MX-4 and other tools for our returning soldiers. More and more young men are coming home with multiple injuries, but still have their whole lives ahead of them. They need OUR help to make their daily life better, and of course strength training and fitness play a huge part. The Mx-4 provides those with accessible needs, the ability to perform productive strength exercises without supervision. This helps create independence and gives back something that was lost .

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Designed around the chair, the MX-4 is a weight lifters dream, built tough, yet still adaptable for specific needs.

Take a look at us ( … Join OUR cause …. Give back to those that have given so much for our freedoms ….Together we can make a difference !!!!

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Pendulum Rope Pull Pulldowns

The Pendulum Lat Combo Pulldown comes with four standard handles and a thick grip pulling location for hand strength. Adding a 'universal clip' to the Pendulum Pulldown allows for rope pulling, as well as a variety of other attachments.  rope pulls

Each affixed handle can be used for either a wide or narrow grip pulling motion and can be used with one arm or two arms at a time. The Pendulum Lat Combo Pulldown is a great machine for variety and better machine for Getting Strong. 

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