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Wall Mount Dip Station - New At Rogers Athletic

dip station

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Pendulum 5-Way Head And Neck Machines University Of Connecticut

Matt Balis, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the UConn Huskies, adds Pendulum 5-Way Head and Neck Machines to the University of Connecticut weight room to increase athletic performance and lower the sub-concussive forces that occur in contact sports.

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8th Annual Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference

8th Annual Strength & Conditioning/Athletic Development Conference

CEUs will be 1.2 NSCA, 9.0 BOC, CSCCa 6.75 and 12 NSPA

Performance Training Center powered by UNDER ARMOUR (FX Studios - Hunt Valley)
11270 Pepper Road
Hunt Valley, Maryland

Itinerary for Friday, July 18, 2014 

5:15-6:00 pm Registration / Check-In
5:50-6:00 pm Opening Remarks - Adam O'Brien, Director of FX Performance Training Center
6:00-6:55 pm ”The Meats And Potatoes”
Robert Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training
7:00-7:55 pm "TBD"
Dr. Jan Dommerholt, President and Owner of Bethesda Physiocare
8:00-8:55 pm ”Think Fast. Be Fast. Perform Fast.”
Mike Wehrell, CEO of Vertimax
9:00-9:30 pm “Meet and Greet” – Non-alcoholic beverages will be provided in Sponsor/Vendor Area


itinerary for Saturday, July 19, 2014 
7:00-8:15 am Registration / Check-In – Drinks and bagels will be provided in Sponsor/Vendor Area
7:50-8:00 am Welcome and the “Kick Off”
8:00-8:55 am “O-Lifts From Beginners To The Big Time”
Drew Wilson, Director of S&C at the University of Maryland
9:00-9:55 am “Strength Training: Practical and Purposeful Applications”
Matt Brzycki, Assistant Director of Campus Recreation, Fitness at Princeton University
10:00-10:55 am "Are Your Prepared For Combine Prep?"
Justin Kavanaugh, Head Coach at The Sport & Speed Institute
11:00-11:55 am “Strength Training: Did You Know?"
Mike Gittleson, Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Michigan

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12:00 -1:00 pm Lunch Break – Subs Provided in Sponsor/Vendor Area 

12:10-12:55 pm “Round Table” for Questions and Discussion –  This section of the event will allow for questions, provide advice, suggestions, and guidance where applicable.

1:00-1:55 pm ”Movement Screen And More”
Dr. Justin Funk, Founder and President of Lax Factory
2:00-2:55 pm ”Developing Your Training Template”
Doug Scott, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Pingry School
3:00-3:55 pm “Acceleration. Not Speed Training Or Conditioning. We Are Talking Acceleration!”
Dave Brixius, owner of Explosive Sports Performance
4:00 pm Closing comments

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Kenowa Hills High School Grand Rapids

Kenowa Hills High School Grand Rapids Charter Township, Michigan.

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 The Pendulum 4-Way Head and Neck Machines

Kenowa Hills High School

Kenoa Hills High School

Old Dominion University Weight Room

The Old Dominion University Weight Room. The Monarchs located in Norfolk, Virginia have joined Conference USA.

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Pendulum 4-Way Head and Neck Machine

Old Dominion Pit Shark

Pit Shark Belt Squats

Old Dominion Neck Machines

North American Strongmen And Women

North American Strongmen And Women Battle at Baywood in Long Neck, Delaware.

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North American Strongmen

Car Deadlift For Reps

Car Lift Strongman


North American Strongwoman

Keg Carry and Toss


Conan's Wheel

Trap Bar Squat

 Trap Bar for Reps


Push Press

Viking Press for Reps


Jerk Press

Barrel Lift



barrel Throw

Barrel Squat

Barrel North American Strongman

A Great Day of Celebrating Strength

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The Pendulum Rack System 


2014 Minnesota Sport Performance Clinic

2014 Minnesota Sports Performance Clinic

Minnesota football

May 2nd and 3rd, 2014 - 9:00 to 5:00

$30 Per Day - Full Clinic is 2 days $60 - No CEU's for Student

Bring Student ID's

Bierman Athletic Building - University of Minnesota

516 15 Ave 15th SE, Minneapolis MN 55455

Current List of Speakers - More to Come

Henk Kraaijenhof - World Renowned Speed and Performance Coach-
Improving Sprinting Speed: The three phases of the race, how to train for them, and case studies for these situations

Rick Brunner – Sport Performance Nutrition Scientist- Explosive Ergogenic Aids for Athletes Part 1

Eric Klein – University of Minnesota Head Football Strength Coach
Long Term Training Football - Freshman to Senior

Minnesota Gopher Strength Clinic

Chad Pearson - University of Minnesota Head Assistant Football Strength Coach
Practical Training for Speed Development

Chuck Lobe -Florida Atlantic Head Strength Coach
Triphasic for Novice Lifting Athletes: Modifications and Implementation

Jay Demayo - - Head Basketball Strength Coach University of Richmond
A Case Study in a Simplistic System

Dustin Perry - University of Minnesota Assistant Football Strength Coach
How to Better Test Your Athletes for the Demands of their Sport

Shea Thompson - University of Minnesota Assistant Football Strength Coach
Movement Breakdown and Special Strength Training for the Quarterback

Ben Schumacher - University of Minnesota Assistant Football Strength Coach
Uncovering "Sports Specific" Training

Minnesota strength clinic

Dan Warnke - University of Minnesota Assistant Strength Coach What's Wrong with the Current State of Soccer Training?

Stephen Volek - University of Minnesota Assistant Strength Coach
Outlying Variables in the Acquisition of Sport Skills

Gold & Gopher

Thomas Miller – Hopkins High School Head Strength Coach
Triphasic Application For High School Athletes

Cal Dietz - University of Minnesota Strength Coach
Undulating Periodization and Triphasic Training Methods

Carson Randal – Head Assistant Strength Coach Florida Atlantic University
Specific Power Lifting Methods that Transfer into Sports Performance

Performance Clinic

Josh Beauregard – Iowa State Strength Coach
360 Degree's of Influence within a Collegiate Program: Leadership, Communication, and Adaptation

Scott Hintz – Head Strength Coach Catalyst Performance
How to Get Athletes, Sport Coaches, and Athletic Directors to Buy into your Program.

Ryan Johnson Head Strength Coach Wayzata
Everyone Stronger

Andy Zalaiskalns – Strength Coach US Special Forces

Mike Gittleson – Former Head Football Strength Coach University of Michigan
A Strong Lesson in Training: How to Train the Head, Neck, and Jaw Without Weights to Lower Subconcussive Forces.

Minnesota strength

Gary Boros - Head Strength Coach Bemidji State University
Programming for the Beginner Strength Coach

Landon Evans - University of Iowa
Training Interventions Aided by Technology

Jonathon Janz
Primer on the Sport of Weightlifting: Applications for Strength and Conditioning

Minnesota Banner

Alex Luhring
The Four Pillars of a Strength Coach

Scott O’Dell East Central University-
Efficient techniques and implementations to simultaneously achieve injury prevention while increasing sports performance

Carrie Peterson University of Minnesota
Performance Sports Nutrition "Musts”

Minnesota Golden gophers

Scott Sahli – Burnsville High School -NSCA
Primer on the Sport of Weightlifting: Applications for Strength and Conditioning

Bryan Mann - University of Missouri
Velocity Based Training

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Pendulum 5-Way Neck

Grand Valley State University Weight Room

Grand Valley State University Weight Room

Hip Back

Intek Weight Plates

Pendulum Bench

Pendulum Power

Power Racks

Grand Valley State

GVSU Pendulum Racks

gvsu weight room

Michigan Football Strength & Conditioning Clinic

Michigan Football Strength & Conditioning Clinic

Saturday April 12th, 2014

Michigan football strength Clinic


8:00-9:00am:       Registration – Schembechler Hall, Breakfast Social (Glick Field House)

9:00-9:10am:       Clinic Welcome – Head Football Coach, Brady Hoke

9:10-10:00am:     Aaron Wellman, Director of Strength & Conditioning, Michigan Football

                         Topic: Michigan Football Program Design

10:10-11:00am:   Kevin Vanderbush, Head Strength Coach, Ben Davis High School, IN

                          Topic: High School Strength & Conditioning

11:10-12:00pm:   Dan John, World Renowned Strength Coach & Author

                          Topic: Training the High School Athlete in Large Groups (Demo in Glick)

12:00-12:40pm:   Lunch

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12:45-1:35pm:     Rogers Demos / Joel Totoro (groups rotate at 1:00pm and 1:15pm)

  • Group 1 starts in Glick at 1:00pm & 1:15pm
  • Group 2 starts in Oosterbaan at 1:00pm & 1:15pm
  • Group 3 starts in Weight Room at 1:00pm & 1:15pm

1:40-2:30pm:     Tom Shaw, Founder of Coach Tom Shaw Performance, Orlando, FL

                         Topic: Football Speed Training (Demo in Glick)

2:40-3:30pm:       Ethan Reeve, Director of Strength & Conditioning, Wake Forest

                         Topic: Philosophy, Density Training and Climbing Methods for Athletes

3:30-3:40pm:        Closing Remarks, Evaluations

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This Clinic is approved by the NSCA (0.6) and CSCCA (3.0) for Continuing Education Units.

Western Michigan Broncos Weight Room

Western Michigan Football Installs the Pendulum Rack System

Bronco Football

Bronoc Weight Room

football weight room

WMU Broncos

Pendulum Rack Bridge

Pendulum flooring


Pendulum dumbbells

Utility Bench Bronco

pendulum utility bench

Pro Star

Pendulum hip back

Pendulum Belt Squat


WMU 5 Way

Grand Valley State Weight Room

Since their inception, the Grand Valley State Lakers lead the NCAA with the highest overall winning percentage at .734 (353–129–3).  This ability to win football games is ahead of all teams from all the NCAA divisions. 

Grand Valley

Pendulum Rack System

Grand Valley State just completed their new strength training facility with the Pendulum Rack System. The Lakers know how to win and Get Strong.

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