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Wall Mount Dip Station - New At Rogers Athletic

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Maintaining The Fundamental Football Position

Limestone College located in Gaffney, South Carolina added football as the department's 25th sport. The Saints started competition this past Fall. Curt Lamb, Assistant Athletic Director for Sports Performance, hired Eric Schwager to develop a comprehensive program that would prepare a young group of athletes to compete at the highest level upon entering the Southern Atlantic Conference. 

One drill that Eric developed is used to emphasize, strengthen and stress the importance of the "fundamental football position". Depending on the position the athlete plays, when they are fatigued, after a workout, or a particular lift they are instructed to quickly get into their basic football position. Below is an example of an offensive lineman.

20150120 074737

In the photo the green resistance band is around the athletes shoulders and back. The red resistance band around the arms which must be thrust firmly backward with the goal of contracting the scapula muscles at all times and remain posture perfect - knees bent, back straight, head up, arms and body pushed against the bands. The goal is 30-90 seconds holding perfect form in opposition to the applied resistance.  A minimum of 30 seconds is the least acceptable amount of time to Get Strong. 

Strongest Man In Michigan Dumbbell Press

At this years Strongest Man in Michigan Contest they rolled out the 190 pound Mammoth thick handled dumbbell for the one arm press. 


Mammoth Dumbbell Clean and Press

Michigan Strongman Dumbbell

Rolling out the Mammoth Dumbbell for Competition

Mammoth Dumbbell

Dumbbell Clean

Dumbbell Clean and Jerk

Mammoth Press

Michigan Strongman Dumbbell Press

North American Strongman

Dumbbell Clean and Press

Michigan Strongman

Frankenmuth Strongman

Dumbbell Power Clean

Frankenmuth North American Strongman

Thoma Inch Dumbbell

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 Training on the Pendulum Power Rack System

300 Yard Shuttle Sled Run

A stopwatch is needed for this full speed drill. The athlete starts the drill on the goal line. The Cougar Drive Sled is set on the 50 yard line facing the player.

The athlete runs to the Drive Sled at the 50 and pushes it as fast as possible 10 yards and sprints returning to the goal line touching it with his hand.  Without stopping the player immediately returns to the sled at the 40 yd line and pushes the sled 10 more yards sprinting back to touch the goal line.  From the goal line the athlete races to the 30 and pushes the sled 10 yards returning to the starting line.  Running to the 20 the participant pushes the Cougar Drive Sled to the 10 touches the goal line and returns to the sled and driving it home across the goal line.

 describe the image

The total time is recorded.  Anytime a new personal record time is accomplished 10 pounds is added to the sled.  A great drill to Get Strong.


Some other ways to use the Cougar Drive Sled.....




Dryland Training: The 300 Yard Shuttle

Hockey Dryland Training: 300 yard shuttle

describe the imageJim Plocki was the University of Michigan Hockey Strength and Conditioning Coach from 1990 to 2013, in that time they won 2 National Championships, 11 Conference Titles, and 9 Tournament Conference Championships. Jim shares with us an off ice test that insures your athletes remain in shape in the off season.

-On a football field place a cone at the goal line and a cone at the 25 yard line.

-The athlete starts standing with his feet behind the goal line and sprints to the 25 yard line. Touching the 25 yard line with one foot he returns to the goal line and touches it.

-The drill is repeated 5 more times for a total of 300 yards or 6 reps.

describe the image

  -The test should look like this:

-Run shuttle #1 (record time)

-Rest 2:00 minutes

-Run shuttle#2 (record time)

-Rest 2:00 Minutes

-Run shuttle #3 (record time)


Now add all three times together and divide by 3 to get the average time.

 Goals for this test:

If the athlete weighs under 210 the average time should be under 60.99 seconds.

If the athlete weighs over 210 the average time should be under 62.99 seconds.

Lock n Load

The Pendulum Lock-n-Load Hooks for Olympic Bars and Thick Bars

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8 Minutes Of Team Strength Building

8 Minutes Of Team Strengthening

Test all your athletes for the maximum number of push-ups they can perform in one attempt. Once accomplished double each athlete's test score (volume) and divide each result by 8 and round up. 


Test Result        Volume          Goal

100 reps =   200 divided by 8   =  25 

50 reps   =   100 divided by 8   =  13

40 reps   =    80 divided by 8   =  10

30 reps   =    60 divided by 8    =   8

20 reps   =    40 divided by 8     =  5

10 reps   =    20 divided by 8    =   3

At the end of each team run begin the 8 minute team push-up program.  All push-ups must be completed with excellent form.  The rep goal for each athlete is based upon their individual test score.  The team will do 8 sets with 50 seconds rest.  All athletes begin in unison and once the athlete completes their goal they quickly stand.  If an athlete cannot achieve the designated number of reps on any set, with the greatest of effort, they must immediately also stand (e.g. an athlete's goal is 13 and they achieve 11 they are done and must quickly stand up).  The clock begins the 50 second rest period when all athletes are on their feet.  At 45 seconds the coach commands 'down', and all athletes immediately assume the 'up' push-up position -4- 3- 2 - and the coach announces begin! 8 sets are performed.

Push  up

Once 8 sets are completed the athletes quickly total the number of reps they need to make-up if they did not match their targets in each of 8 sets.

Example:  An athlete tested 30 reps, their volume is 60 and their target is 8 reps each set. On set 7 they achieved 7 reps and on set 8 they achieved 6 reps.  The athlete is therefore 3 reps down from their target volume of 60 total reps.

After the 8th set all athletes are on their feet, in 45 seconds the coach announces 'make-up reps'.  All athletes that have failed to complete their target volume immediately get into the push-up position and at the 50 second mark begin make-up. When they complete their volume they immediately jump to their feet and join the standing team.

All athletes who complete the exact designated repetitions for each of 8 sets add 1 push-up to their goal in each set the next workout.

A great way to Get your team Strong.


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 The Pendulum Hip Press


Progressing Into The Barbell Squat

Gabriel Harrington was the Head Strength & Conditioning Coach at Colgate University. In his final season as a coach the Raiders became the Patriot League Champions. Gabe retired after the season from Colgate to pursue other endeavors. Gabe shares with us his progression that he used in teaching athletes the barbell squat.

Gabe explains ....The post season is the perfect time to take a couple of weeks to revisit your squat technique.  Ironing out bad habits and reinforcing fundamentals  will pay back tenfold.  This is the teaching progression I used with my players.

•    Begin with feet slightly wider than shoulder width – toes pointed slightly out
•    “Spread the Floor” with your feet: if you were on ice, you would do the splits – this helps to keep your knees from buckling in during the movement
•    Push through the heels, falling forward can put unnecessary strain on your spine – keeping your weight back keeps your center of gravity from falling forward and helps keep your knees behind your toes (more on this later)… try lifting your big toes slightly just before performing the movement 


•    Always breath into your belly, not your chest – this helps promote internal stability around the spine
•    Breath in at the top – now hold your breath on the way down and in the bottom position for a split second (unless you have high blood pressure)
•    Once upward movement is initiated breath out as you stand up

•    This series will help you learn to sit back rather than down when you squat as well as to keep your knees behind your toes
•    Begin by setting an adjustable platform or low box near a wall – make sure it is sturdy enough to support your bodyweight!
•    Set the platform such that as you sit on it the tops of your thighs are parallel with the floor
•    From the seated position place your toes against the wall and assume your squat stance
•    Take a breath into the belly, Spread the floor, lift your big toes and stand
•    Try to sit back onto the platform without “plopping” down onto it and return to the standing position once again
•    Once you can repeat this 2-3 times in a row without “plopping” down you are ready to move onto the next progression

sqdescribe the image

• This time begin standing with your toes against the wall in your squat stance
• Breath into the belly, spread the floor, lift the big toes, push your hips back and maintain a good arch in your spine
• You will notice that at ¾ of the way down you will have to use your hip flexor muscles to pull you down
• This is where it gets tough! Your partner will have to spot you from behind and keep you from falling backwards – your partner’s job is to push you forward enough so that you can pull yourself down to parallel… you want to get used to your hip flexors working hard here!

describe the imagedescribe the image

• Once you feel comfortable enough, try this without your partner
• Note that this is the exact form you will use with the bar on your back – you must master this exercise before moving on!
• You may pick this up right away, or you may have to practice 2 sets of 3 reps on this each day for as long as a couple of weeks to master it – either way, stay with it because it will pay you back down the road!

describe the imagesq4

•    Once you have mastered the wall squat place an empty barbell across your shoulders and extend your arms out straight with your thumbs up to the ceiling and at eye level
•    Now squat like you’ve been practicing against the wall: breath into the belly, spread the floor, lift the toes, push the hips back and maintain a great spinal arch
•    The purpose of the bar here is to give you some feedback as to whether you are falling forward or not – if the bar rolls off your shoulders you are falling forward – check your weight distribution and keep working on it!
•    Once you can do this for a set of 2-3 reps in a row you are ready to back squat!


• For the back squat, we want a “low bar position”
• To achieve this, squeeze your shoulder blades together hard – this will create a natural “shelf” for the bar to sit on... The “shelf” is your trapezius and rear deltoid muscles contracting – the bar ill sit here comfortably without feeling like you are rubbing your spine with the bar
• Grip the bar firmly – experiment with the width of your hands for comfort – try to turn your wrists in… they won’t move very much, but by contracting your wrist muscles your wrists will hurt less from the awkwardness of the position
• Keep your eyes up and push your head back into the bar (like when you try to make your neck look bigger in your team photo)
• Note that this may feel uncomfortable at first… your wrists and upper back may not be strong enough initially to support much weight in this fashion, but STICK WITH IT, your upper back will grow thick with muscle from supporting weight in this manner – not to mention this is the most advantageous way to hold the bar (in time your spine will thank you)



•   At this point, having mastered the previous progressions, the back squat should be a breeze
•  Perform your practice sets with no more than 2 reps at a time with light weight until you get the hang of it (have a partner watch you!) and add weight slowly – in time you will have a healthy and impressive physique from all of your hard work!   


Breath into the belly
Spread the floor
Lift the toes
Head back
Great arch
Drive through the heels... and.... Get Strong

describe the image  A Series of Pendulum 5-Way Neck Machines in the Colgate Weight Room


A Bench Press Program That Always Works

Trying to administer a three day per week percentage based bench press program around a student-athletes schedule is daunting.  During the academic year, for a variety of reasons, the school week may only be four days or less.  There is Labor Day, teachers workshops, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, Thanksgiving vacation, the winter holidays, spring break, in Northern America winter snow days, all of which may disrupt a lifting schedule.  Athletes also have competition, midterms, finals, religious concerns, special school events and there is often late travel during the competitive season that causes limited rest for the participant and all alter the best-laid plans.    

Pendulum Racks 

A Bench Press Program that always works regardless of schedule:

Day #1 - Bench Press - 3 sets of 5 reps

Warm up any way you choose, but once you have selected your warm up method the method should never vary.  When you can accomplish 3 sets of 5 repetitions add 10 pounds the next Day #1 workout, also add 10 pounds to your warm up weights.

Every Day #1 you must total 15 repetitions.  If you achieve 5, 3, 2 repetitions in your sets this means you are down 6 reps from your 15 rep total of 3 sets of 5 repetitions. Continue performing additional sets making up the 6 missed reps. 

Day #2 - Bench Press 4 Sets, your goal is 40 reps in 4 sets

Warm up any way you choose, but once you have selected your warm up method the method should never vary.

When you begin this program start the first workout with a weight you can do 15 reps with the greatest effort.  Your goal is ultimately to get a total of 40 reps in 4 sets with the chosen weight.  When you accomplish this add 10 pounds the next training session.

Every Day #2 you must total 40 repetitions. If you achieve 15, 8, 6, 5 repetitions in your 4 sets this means you are down 6 reps from your 40 rep goal total.  Continue performing additional sets making up the 6 missed reps. When you can accomplish 40 reps in 4 sets add 10 pounds

Day #3 - Bench Press 4 Sets with the Day #2 weight

Warm up exactly how you did on Day #2.  Do 4 sets of maximum repetitions with the Day #2 weight.   When the 4th set is finished regardless of the total number of repetitions accomplished the Day #3  bench press is completed.


describe the image

This same program can be used in-season with this adjustment

Day # 1 - 3 sets of 6 reps for a total of 18 reps

Day #2 - Bench Press 4 Sets, with the goal of 40 reps in 4 sets, always making up the reps that were not accomplished in 4 tries. 

Day # 3 - You will only bench press 2 days per week and resume the three day per week program when the season is over.

Some rules:

If you have a short week out of season and can only fit in two days of training choose Day #1 and Day #2.

If you can only fit in one day of training, in or out of season, choose Day #2. 

A simple program that will always Get you Strong. The only catch is that it does require EFFORT! 


NBC On Head And Neck Training

NBC Chicago Link to News Video!/news/health/Strength-Training-the-Neck-Can-Prevent-Concussions/231345091

describe the image

 Train eight ways on the Pendulum 5-Way Neck Machine to Get the head and neck Strong

Liberty Christian High School Weight Room

Liberty Christian High School is located in Argyle, Texas about 40 miles northwest of Dallas. The team at Rogers Athletic helped design their Pendulum weight room.

Pendulum Strength Liberty Chrstian

 Hip Presses and Squat Pro's are an important part of the Liberty strength program.

describe the image

Pendulum Strength Argyle Texas

A great weight room to train in and Get Strong.


SHU Saints

Siena Heights University is located in Adrian, Michigan.  Former University of Michigan defensive tackle Jim Lyall is their first head coach. Siena Heights outfitted their new weight room with Pendulum equipment, a great way for the SHU Saints to Get Strong.

describe the image

Pendulum Power Racks Siena Heights

Pendulum Power Rack System Can be Expanded and Changed from Year to Year

Siena Heights Squat Pro

The Pendulum Squat Pro and Hip Press Complement one Another


Siena Hieights 3 Way Row

The Pendulum 3-Way Row and 4-Way Necks

Pulldowns Siena Heights

Pendulum Pulldown System

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