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PENN Quakers

The University of Pennsylvania adds the Pendulum Squat Pro to their weight room.


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MX 4 Our Vets

Warrior Medical and Fitness, with a generous donation from Chadds Ford Rotary Club, Concordville, PA donated a beautiful MX-4 Multi-exerciser to the Philadelphia VA. We now have our sights set on the Ann Arbor, Michigan VA . We need additional funds to provide an MX-4 to support our Ann Arbor veterans. We have already raised half the funds to help our cause please donate at: JOIN OUR FIGHT !!!!








Gabe Harrington former Colgate Strength Coach demonstrates one of the many exercises on the newly installed MX-4.

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Smarter Training In Baltimore

Rick Court has been the head strength coach at Bowling Green, Toledo, San Diego State, Associate Director of Strength and Conditioning at Ohio State University, head strength coach of Mississippi State and now the Head Strength and Conditioning Coach of the University of Maryland. He was named Master Strength and Conditioning Coach by the Collegiate Strength and Conditioning Coaches association this past year. 

At every stop during his career he has prioritized head and neck training to protect each student athlete and to enhance their athletic ability. Rick recently presented at the Smarter Team Training clinic this year in Baltimore.

IMG_8914.jpg                                                 Manual Neck Extension

IMG_8981.jpg    Training on the Pendulum 5 Way Head, Neck and Shrug Machine



IMG_9162.jpg Neck Flexion on the Pendulum Head and Neck Machine

IMG_8766.jpgBarbell Shrugs on the Pendulum Power Rack


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Alma College Weight Room

NFL Hall of Famer George Allen, Denny Stolz, College football Hall of Famer Bob Devaney are just a few of the greats that played football at Alma College.  Located in Alma, Michigan, the 'Scots' installed Pendulum strength equipment to keep and Get their athletes Strong.

20160804_133852.jpgThe Pendulum Rack System

2016080495132756.jpgPendulum Power Stacks


20160804_132728.jpgPendulum Leg Curls, Pendulum Hip Press, 5 Way Neck, Pendulum Squat Pro


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Ludington High School

Ludington High School is located in Ludington, Michigan near the shores of Lake Michigan. The school's athletic department just added Pendulum strength equipment to Get Strong.


The Pendulum Rack System


The Pendulum 5 Way Neck

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Benton Harbor Football

_MG_0966.jpg    The Benton Harbor Pendulum Weight Room

Last November, Benton Harbor High School in Benton Harbor, Michigan had their first winning season in 26 years and the schools first ever trip to the state playoffs. Prior to 2015 they had 4 wins in 8 years. Elliot Uzelac at the age of 74 returned to coaching and had become their new leader. Elliot had been an assistant coach at the University of Michigan for Bo Schembechler as well as the Head Football Coach for Western Michigan, The United States Naval Academy and other stops at major Universities in his distinguished career. 

Arriving at Benton Harbor Elliot's first priority was investment in the kids. He made sure they had tutoring and overall academic success. Through the courtesy of donations he upgraded their facilities. Community donors supplied food, and the volunteer Tiger Moms prepared it. The athletes knew they were important and loved. He then raised the expectations and set goals.

The Benton Harbor story is so dynamic that it gained National media attention which included spots on ESPN and a surprise gift of a trip to Walt Disney World for the team from Good Morning America. Coach Uzelac, his staff, his athletes, the community all demonstrated the adage, 'that when you truly give of yourself you always get much more back in return.' 

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Don't Miss The Best Clinic Of The Year

In 2015 in the Journal of Medicine Science and Sport researchers found that if you suffer a concussion the risk of a lower body injury is twice as great for months, a year or even longer.  In 2016 this information was once again reiterated in the American Journal of Sports Medicine.

On June 25th and June 27th Kim Wood, the NFL's first full time strength coach provides a clinic that is designed to share techniques that will reduce sub-concussive forces that can cause head and neck injuries. Also, the clinic provides the most current research and newest techniques to train the head, neck and jaw from a wide array of professional coaches. 

It will be held in Pallet 23 Event Space, 3932 Spring Grove in Cincinnati. Pre-registration on The clinic begins Friday, June 24th at 7 p.m. and Saturday June 25th at 9 a.m. The cost is $25 which includes both sessions.

Register now: space is limited.

Some of Kim Wood's barbells. Kim provides a clinic that you do not want to miss!

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Bringing Energy into Your Program

In 1850 Alfred Lord Tennyson published , "Ring out, Wild Bells".  His words, 'Ring out the old, Ring in the new', have been a stated dictum of change for over a century.

Ring out a slowly dying cause,

And ancient forms of party strife;

Ring in the nobler modes of life,

Coaches are always trying to add freshness and excitement to their programs to engage their athletes and motivate them to succeed. The techniques used are vast and some work better than others causing the coaching staff to analyze, reflect and evaluate the athletes response to the method used. 

If you really want to motivate your athletes simply invest in them and you will see a response that you may not expect. When the Rogers Pendulum truck pulled up to Washington Court House High School, in Ohio the hydraulic lift, dolly nor the driver were needed. The excited athletes simply jumped up on the truck and carried their new Pendulum Head and Neck machine into their weight room.


Adding another Pendulum Neck Machine to their Weight Room to 'Get Strong'





If you want your athletes to 'Get Strong' invest in them with the tools they need to be successful, it sends a clear message that you care and want them to be the best they can be.

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New Jersey Clinic

Pingry School New Jersey Clinic

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Itinerary for 6th Annual SC/AD New Jersey Clinic on February 13, 2016:

7:45-8:00 Opening Remarks – Doug Scott/Robert Taylor, Jr.

8:00-8:50 "Using The Mental-Game To Help Your Athletes"
Stu Singer, Founder and Owner of Well Performance Coach

9:00-9:50 "Movement Prep: Speed And Agility Training"
Kevin Dunn, CEO of TEST Sports Clubs

10:00-10:50 "Year Round Programming"
Jake Cox, Football Strength Coach for Villanova University

11:00-11:50 "The Truth About Strength Training"
Mike Gittleson, Former Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for the University of Michigan

11:50-1:00 Lunch Break

12:00-12:50 “Round Table” for Q&A – Presenters will field questions, provide advice, suggestions, and guidance where applicable.

1:00-1:50 "Supplement Industry Insights"
Mark Glazier, CEO of NutraBio

2:00-2:50 "Sport Science And Soccer: Gaining Your Edge"
Garrison Draper, Director of Sports Science for the Philadelphia Union

3:00-3:50 "Team Training From Freshman To Seniors"
Doug Scott, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Pingry School

4:00 Closing comments – Doug Scott/Robert Taylor, Jr.

You can pick up your CEU’s at the completion of the clinic where you registered by handing in your evaluation sheets of the sessions you attended. CEU’s will not be handed out prior to the end of the conference as directed by the NSCA and BOC.

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Michigan State Strength And Conditioning Clinic

Michigan State Strength And Conditioning Clinic

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We are closing in on the Spartan Strength & Conditioning Staff’s annual clinic on the weekend of February 12th & 13th, 2016! 

“Tips from the Trenches with the Spartan Strength Staff” will again be a FREE event on Friday evening followed by a great Saturday line-up to be emceed by Dr. Ted Lambrinides, Director of Sports Science for Athletic Strength And Power (ASAP).  The complete speaker lineup includes:

Dr. Wayne Westcott – Famed author and Fitness Research Director, South Shore YMCA

Justus Galac  - New York Jets Head Strength Coach

Jay Hooten – Director of Sports Performance, Northwestern Wildcats’ Football

Dave Lawson – Director of Strength & Conditioning, Tennessee Volunteers’ Football

Jim Kielbaso – Director of Total Performance Training Center

Jessica Watson – Sports Dietitian, Michigan State Athletics

And as always, Ken Mannie and the Spartan Strength staff will be on-hand for a roundtable discussion.

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