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Thumbs Up To Sledding Year-round

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Apr 9, 2018 9:15:41 AM

Thumbs up, Hands inside ------  the Drive Sled





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The Drive Sled

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Dec 20, 2017 12:06:04 PM

The Rogers Drive Sled will Get you Strong.

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Sledding This Winter

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Dec 12, 2017 11:17:53 PM

The best sledding you can do this season is using the Rogers Drive Sled. A great way to enjoy the winter months and Get Strong. 

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Sleds Are For Training

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Aug 11, 2017 5:20:44 PM

Sometimes we forget that training tools, like the Rogers Athletic Drive Sled, are not just for football. Conditioning and developing power and strength are for all athletes. 

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Michigan State Spartans Cotton Bowl Champions

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jan 11, 2015 6:49:00 PM

The Michigan State Spartans Present

The 8th Annual Strength & Conditioning Clinic

February 6th-7th, 2015

(CEUs offered for CSCCa, NSCA and NATA) 

describe the image

describe the image

“Tips from the Trenches with the Spartan Strength Staff” will be a FREE event on Friday evening followed by a great Saturday line-up.

Ted Lambrinides, Director of Sports Science for Athletic Strength And Power will be the emcee.

The Clinic will feature:

Ted Rath- Detroit Lions’ Strength Assistant – “Weight Room Demo”

Rob Stock- Navy Seal and founder of Human Performance Initiative‐“Alchemy:
The Process From Ordinary to Extraordinary”

Eric Klein - Minnesota Golden Gophers’ Head Strength Coach – “Summer
Preparation for the Front-7"

Ron McKeefery ­- Eastern Michigan’s Director of Sports Performance –
“Outside the Box Speed Development"

Dr. Joey Eisenmann – Director of Spartan Nutrition and Performance Program -“Energy System Development for Athletic Performance”describe the image

Ken Mannie, Mike Vorkapich, Tommy Hoke and the Spartan Strength staff will be on-hand for demonstrations as well as a roundtable discussion. Each clinic attendee will receive videos of all speakers via email.

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The Rogers Drive Sled


Clara Bell Smith Academic Center (adjacent to the Duffy Daugherty Building)


$90 Pre-registered via online registration or mail by Feb 6th (includes video links to all presentations)

$30 Pre-registered Students (with valid Student ID presented at check-in)

Please contact Clinic Director, Mike Vorkapich with any questions: or 517-432-1822

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300 Yard Shuttle Sled Run

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jun 24, 2014 4:45:00 PM

A stopwatch is needed for this full speed drill. The athlete starts the drill on the goal line. The Cougar Drive Sled is set on the 50 yard line facing the player.

The athlete runs to the Drive Sled at the 50 and pushes it as fast as possible 10 yards and sprints returning to the goal line touching it with his hand.  Without stopping the player immediately returns to the sled at the 40 yd line and pushes the sled 10 more yards sprinting back to touch the goal line.  From the goal line the athlete races to the 30 and pushes the sled 10 yards returning to the starting line.  Running to the 20 the participant pushes the Cougar Drive Sled to the 10 touches the goal line and returns to the sled and driving it home across the goal line.

 describe the image

The total time is recorded.  Anytime a new personal record time is accomplished 10 pounds is added to the sled.  A great drill to Get Strong.


Some other ways to use the Cougar Drive Sled.....




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Ladder Drive Sledding

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jun 13, 2014 2:20:00 PM

Pushing a conditioning sled at full speed is a difficult task in itself. Pushing a sled as hard as possible when you are already fatigued is extremely exhausting. The following drill is not easy make sure you are in great shape if you try it. All drills except the first 100 yards are full speed. The first 100 is to be done at a 90% level. Have fluid available. Record each event. The next workout beat each time.


describe the image

Run 100 yds - Rest 1 minute          Record time ______

Run 200 yds - Rest 2 minutes         Record time______

Run 300 yds - Rest 3 minutes         Record time______

Run 400 yds - Rest 4 minutes         Record time______

Run 300 yds - Rest 3 minutes         Record time______

Run 200 yds - Rest 2 minutes         Record time______

Run 100 yds - Rest 2 minutes         Record time______

Ladder with Drive Sled

describe the image

10 yd Drive Sled -  Rest 1 minute         Record time______

20 yd Drive Sled -  Rest 1:45 minutes   Record time______

30 yd Drive Sled -  Rest 2 minutes        Record time______

40 yd Drive Sled - Rest 2:30 minutes    Record time______

30 yd Drive Sled - Rest 2 minutes         Record time______

20 yd Drive Sled -  Rest 1:45 minutes   Record time______

10 yd Drive Sled -  Finished                  Record time______

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The Rogers Cougar Drive Sled

 Get Strong

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Some Conditioning Sleds Are Just Better

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Apr 4, 2013 3:25:00 PM
The Rogers Athletic Drive Sled
Drive sled
 The Drive Sled
Drive Sled 1
Hit and Lift and Drive
drive sled 2
Get Strong

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10 x 53 Yard Drive Sled

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Mar 27, 2013 6:42:00 PM

Push the Drive Sled from sideline to sideline across the football field.  The rest interval is 1-minute.  Once you can push the Drive Sled across the field 10 consecutive times in 15 seconds or under add weight.

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Rogers Drive Sled

Team Training

To perform the above in a team setting use a maximum of 5 athletes with each Drive Sled. The one minute rest interval remains the same, as well as keeping the push time at 15 seconds.

* Start with 3 athletes on one sideline and 2 athletes directly across on the opposite sideline

* One of the 3 athletes begins by pushing the sled across the field in 15 seconds or less

* This athlete will rest exactly 1 minute after completion

* Each team member will push during the first athletes 1-minute rest interval

* Continue the drill untill all athletes have performed 10 trips across the field 

* The total drill time takes exactly 10 1/2 minutes per team

* When a team can complete the task in the alloted time the weight is raised for that group. 

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Use the Drive Sled to Get Strong

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