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Posted by Mike Gittleson on Mar 8, 2013 9:34:00 PM

TJ Lynch and his wife Amy Llinas Lynch the World Natural Figure Champion 2011 & 2013, have been full time personal trainers and instructors for over ten years. They work out of Fitness Incentive ( in Babylon, New York. Long Islanders voted it the Best Gym on Long Island for the past 6 years.

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TJ explains, "Some guys collect fancy cars, I happen to collect vintage york and have a selection of some of the best strength equipment ever made. My only rule is that the pieces must be put to good use. I personally own a Pendulum 5 Way Neck, Seated Squat Pro, Power Squat, Hip Press, Chest and Shoulder Press, a 3 Way Row and a Gripper. We both absolutely love to train and are passionate about well built equipment."

Fitness Incentive Neck Machine

Amy Lynch 5 Way Neck

"I have came back from 3 major knee surgeries using the seated squat pro as my main exercise. I am now back to full range of motion barbell squats with better form and control than ever."

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 When you are in Babylon stop in at the Fitness Incentive and we will Get you Strong.  

Tj Lynch 3 Way Row

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The Deep Knee Bend

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Feb 1, 2012 8:02:00 PM

 The Deep Knee Bend On the Pendulum Multi-Station

primiereFRED FORNICOLA, is the owner of Premiere Personal Fitness in Asbury Park, New Jersey. Fred is a fitness professional, personal trainer, strength and conditioning coach, fitness consultant, lifestyle fitness coach, as well as a published author.   Fred explains his approach to the deep knee bend.

There’s no argument that squatting (in its many variations) is undoubtedly a tremendous exercise that can build strength and pack on muscle! Whether it’s with a barbell, dumbbell, trap bar, bodyweight or a quality piece of equipment, squatting remains a very challenging and productive exercise for the entire body. Squatting should be one of those exercises that are part of a productive strength program, but the issue as a coach is to find the right variation for those who are entrusted to him.

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Barbell squatting, for instance, is a tremendously effective movement, but not everyone is built to perform it. Limb lengths, body leverages, skill set and other variables can make the barbell squat a highly desirable exercise for some and contraindicating to others. Keeping that in mind, I have committed to what I feel is one of the best options for performing the “deep knee bend”.


At my training studio, Premiere Personal Fitness, I have one of the original Pendulum Multi-Station Machines. I primarily use the multi-station for squatting (the forerunner for the Pendulum Squat Pro) as I view it as one of the safest and most constructive means of squatting available. The Pendulum Squat Pro on my multi station has a natural feel and stresses the targeted muscle structures with less compressive forces to the joints.

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My Pendulum Multi-Station allows for squatting without stress to the lumbar spine and yet keeps the muscles of the hips and legs under constant tension…..right where it should be. The best part about the Squat Pro attachment is that it can be performed without a spotter and can be safely trained to momentary muscular failure if desired..... a Great Way to Get Strong. 


Speaking of Multi-Stations.......

Bicep Curl
Upright Row
Bench Press
Shoulder Press
Power Squat Pro
Calf Raise
Lying Leg Press
Underhand Lat Pulldown
Overhand Lat Pulldown
Triceps Extension

The new Pendulum PHIT Station is great for personal training and home gyms.  If you are in the military it is built to helicopter to your location on a pallet to Get Strong and Stay PHIT.


GSA approved



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When In Chicago

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jan 27, 2012 5:27:00 PM

When In Chicago Contact  To Get Strong



hip press


hip press1

The Pendulum Hip Press

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When You Need to Get Strong

Posted by Tyler Hobson on Jun 4, 2010 3:26:00 PM

Standish, Michigan is a small community anywhere from 1,500 to 1,600 people depending on who is home that day.  Standish is called the "Gateway to Northeastern, Michigan" If you are headed "Up North" to hunt, fish camp, vacation, or on business you will pass through this small community.  The first industry in Standish was started by John Standish.  It was a sawmill, so it is fitting: if you turn right on to East Cedar Street you will immediately come upon the Lumberjack Gym...

There are some great old training pieces and some huge clientele, they are probably guards from the local maximal correctional facility, or decendents of the lumberjacks that delivered the cedar to the origional Mills in Standish..

The lumberjack Gym is a great place to catch a workout or get a collectors T-shirt. Check it out when you need to "Get Strong".  After you train, you are only an hour and seventeen minutes away from the Pendulum Factory.  Come on over and work out again and "Get Stronger".




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When you Need to Get Strong

Posted by Mike Gittleson on May 14, 2010 8:17:00 AM



Train for a $1.00




Jesup Iowa is located an hour and one half north of Iowa City, twenty minutes east of Northern Iowa University, and 87 miles southwest from Jesup you will find Iowa State University in Ames. 

There are about 860 households and about 2,000 people in this small community in the Heartland of America. Jesup is the home of the $dollar$  workout. For one buck you can train a the Jesup Gym and it is open seven days per week. This is worth the drive if you are planning on attending a college football game in the state of Iowa or just driving through and need to  GET STRONG.


University of Tennesse Weight Room 



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