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Outdoor Chin/Dip Station

The Pendulum outdoor chin/dip station allows a coach to bring strength training sessions to practice. Changing the training environment from the weight room to the field often motivates players. Having athletes do exercises such as push ups, free body squats, chins, dips and manual resistance on the field reinforces that when they are away from the facility there are solid ways to Get and stay Strong

Pendulum chin dip station

Pendulum outdoor chin dip station

Rogers chin dip station

Indoor outdoor chin dip station


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Upper Back Routine

Start by doing a set of 10-15 repetitions with a neutral grip on the Pendulum 3-Way Row machine.



Once the rowing exercise is completed go to the Pendulum Rope Pull positioned on the Pendulum Power Rack and pull the rope upwards at approximately an 80 degree angle. You must completely pull the rope from beginning to end. The tension on the Rope Pull should be set at the same tension it would take you to pull the rope completely through in 30 seconds when the rope pull is your first exercise of the workout.



Once completed start at the top of the chin up bar and try to lower yourself to a straight arm position in 90 seconds. If this can be accomplished add weight the next workout. Record your time.



When the negative chin is completed set the Pendulum Rope Pull so you are pulling the rope end to end at a 45 degree angle. The resistance remains the same as the previous rope pull. RLC6742

Upon completion set your Pendulum Adjustable Chin/Dip Bar so your body is at a 45 degree angle. With your feet always remaining on the floor and your body straight do as many pulls to the bar as possible.



1). Pendulum 3-Way Row... 10-15 Repetitions

2). 80 degree Pendulum Rope Pull from the floor

3). 90 second Negative Chin

4). 45 degree Pendulum Rope Pull

5). 45 degree Pendulum Chin/Dip bar pull... maximum repetitions 

A great way to Get your upper back Strong.

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Rotary Chins On The Pendulum Power Rack

The 'Rotary Chin' not only gives you shoulder, elbow and wrist relief but allows for a wide variety of chinning movements.


 Moving the handles into a close grip chin-up position.




Setting up for wide grip chins.

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Getting Strong on the Pendulum Rack System

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Pendulum Chin/Dip Station

Strength training without having to go back into the gym is advantageous in many situations. The Pingry School in Martinsville, New Jersey uses their outdoor chin/dip station to Get Strong.

Pendulum chin dip station

Pendulum outdoor chin dip station

Indoor outdoor chin dip station

Rogers chin dip station

Inquire at Rogers Athletic about this outdoor or indoor strength training chin/dip system.

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