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Coaching Jobs

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Oct 18, 2014 8:00:00 PM

We are looking for current or former collegiate strength coaches that want to transition into the business world – but still coach. Hardpressed in Chicago was set up with the strength coach in mind. We are looking for coaches who want to strength train individuals, whether they are an athlete, former athlete or someone who never ever participated in sport. 

The client experience here is as great as the one experienced by elite athletes. Our employees are well compensated at Hardpressed, as we offer earning potential close to six figures annually. 

If you are a strength coach and enjoy coaching people hard and added job security appeals to you, we are accepting resumes.  Starting compensation is commiserate with experience. 

Squat Pro Dan resized 600

If interested, please email  We understand the athletic seasons may dictate the timing of career moves.  If you are interested, either now or in the future do not hesitate to send a resume.

3 Way (b) resized 600

 Pendulum 3-Way Row

Hip Press (1) resized 600

Pendulum Hip Press

Seated Squat resized 600

Pendulum Seated Squat

Pen Pulldown resized 600

Pendulum Lat Combo Pulldown 

Squat Pro resized 600

Pendulum Squat Pro

Bench resized 600

Leg Curl resized 600
Pendulum Leg Curl
3 Way resized 600

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Mississippi State Weight Room

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Oct 14, 2014 8:14:00 AM

Mississippi State Weight Room

describe the image

describe the image

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Posted by Mike Gittleson on Sep 20, 2014 11:10:00 AM

The Pendulum Lat Combo Pulldown has interchangeable handles that allow for an unlimited number of exercises to develop the upper back as well as a variety of movements to train the grip. 

Pendulum Pulldown

Pendulum Pulldown Low Position

Pullover Pulldown

wide grip pulldown

Rope Pull Pulldown

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Pendulum Equipment

Posted by Mike Gittleson on May 24, 2014 11:30:00 AM

Tyler Hobson,designer of Pendulum for Rogers Athletic, checks out the Pendulum Equipment at the Mississippi State University weight training facility.

Tyler Hobson Pendulum

Pendulum Rack with Pit Shark

Dual Pit Shark

The Pendulum Rack System with two clip on Pit sharks will Get you and keep you Strong.


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Finishing With The Rope Pull

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Apr 27, 2014 5:58:00 PM

Finishing with the Rope Pull

Pendulum Pulldown

 Using the Rotary Handles on the Pendulum Combo Lat Pulldown

Rogers Pendulum Pulldown

Lat Pulldowns Rogers

Once completed finish with the Pendulum Rope Pulldown

Rogers Rope Pull

Set the Pendulum Rope Pull at the difficulty desired

rope pull

And Get Strong

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The Value Of Muscular Work

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Apr 13, 2014 7:34:00 PM

A Little Physiology: The Value of Muscular Workdescribe the image

Pullovers on the Pendulum Lat Combo Pulldown

The maintenance of skeletal muscle depends on a complex balance between anabolic (a constructive metabolism) and catabolic factors (the metabolic process of breaking down). This balance gradually deteriorates as we age, leading to a decline in muscle quality and quantity. Muscular work has a tremendous value slowing our natural loss of tissue.

It is known that skeletal muscle is the target of numerous hormones.  Diminished testosterone and growth hormone lead to muscle atrophy, which is a decrease in the associated muscle mass. Providing an outside stressor in the form of progressive resistance can induce growth hormone and testosterone release, regardless of age and preserve tissue. But only in recent years have studies shown another invaluable role of skeletal muscle and its function as a secretory organ.

Endocrine organs secrete directly into the blood to affect tissues at a distance from the site of secretion. Endocrine organ secrete hormones, growth factors and cytokines. In 1998 skeletal muscle was identified as an endocrine organ, which also secreted cytokines (small proteins that are important in cell signaling). The type of small protein cytokines released by muscle are known as myokines.  This important finding that muscles produce and release myokines provides a biological explanation to the observation that exercise influences metabolism.

In January of this year the Journal of Cellular Metabolism researches identified one such myokine, as the molecule BAIBA (beta-aminoisobutyric acid ).  BAIBA participates in tissue crosstalk that results in browning of white adipose tissue.

The term "brown fat", which is actually brown in color is used to describe heat-generating, metabolically-active fat cells.  White fat or white adipose tissue is used as a store of energy.  The release of BAIBA from training the musculature induces energy-storing white fat cells to become more like brown fat cells that burn calories.  A great reason to Get Strong.

Researchers have actually fed mice water laced with BAIBA and they lost weight and showed other metabolic benefits.  Researchers also reviewed the famous Framingham Heart Studies (long term, ongoing cardiovascular studies beginning in 1948) and found those who had high risk factors of heart disease and diabetes also had low BAIBA.  Remembering the molecule is released from muscular work the Farmington Heart Studies help to confirm once again, it is a great benefit to Get Strong.

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Negative Only On The Pendulum Combo Lat Pull

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Mar 1, 2014 9:09:00 AM

Doing one arm negative only rope pulldowns on the Pendulum Combo Lat Pull will do wonders in increasing an athletes ability to do chins. This exercise increases the hands 'power grip' strength while accelerating latissimus dorsi growth.

The goal is 8 negative repetitions at an 8 count

To start the exercise bring the rope low and tight toward to the body and pause. The tendency is to grab the rope and squeeze the hands tightly. The athlete should think about using the upper back muscles not squeezing the hand during training. 

describe the image

Once paused slowly begin the ascent. The lifter should be exactly half-way up with the upper arm parallel to the floor in four seconds and all the way up with the arm straight in 8 seconds. Allow the arm to stretch at the top of the movement. Once a repetition is completed quickly grab the rope with two arms and return the weight to the starting position. After pausing slowly release the hand you are assisting the movement with. You should be able to hold the weight in the bottom position at a dead stop before beginning the 8 second count.

describe the image

Every inch of the exercise is important, being half way back in four seconds means that you are 1/8 of the way back in 1 second  and 1/4 of the way back in 2 seconds. Perfect repetitions is what you are after. The exercise is completed when you can no longer keep an 8 second pace. The goal is 8 reps at an 8 second count. Only accept absolutely perfect reps before adding weight.

describe the image

The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull Gets you Strong

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Range Of Travel On The Pendulum Lat Combo Pull

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Feb 2, 2014 2:42:00 PM

The range of motion of a joint, the range of motion of the musculature and the range of motion of a resistive device are all often different from one another during an exercise. The range of travel of the exercise device tries to follow the range of motion of the athletes joint as realistically as possible for a particular movement. The fitness coach encourages the athlete to train the entire range of travel and calls this full range of motion exercise.

pulldown machine

On a Pendulum designed exercise machine somewhere during the excursion from the beginning to the end point of range of travel, full range of motion of the targeted musculature occurs.  Full range of motion of the muscle seldom transpires where the athlete and/or coach expect.  Other non-targeted muscles develop and grow even though the range of movement is partial for them in the particular movement. 

Each Pendulum device is made to develop an area of the human structure more effectively than we could in any other exercise manner.  All that is required is that the athlete follows the range of travel of the Pendulum machine and with effort they will Get Strong.

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Lifting To Improve Respiration

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jan 25, 2014 1:58:00 PM

A lot goes on in our physiological system during heavy exercise that we may or may not think about or be aware of.  In normal breathing the latissimus dorsi or commonly referred to as lats are active briefly during very deep inhalations and inhalation against resistance.  During exhalation they become active again when air is expelled with great force.  When swimmers and climbers experience latissimus fatigue their respiration changes and they notice it.

describe the image

Pendulum Lat Combo Pull

The sternocleidomastoid neck muscles support inhalation when lung volume nears 100% of vital capacity in deep breathing or when exercise is very rapid.  The scalene neck muscles help by lifting our ribs to get more air in our lungs.  In a 2013 study in Advances in Experimental Medicine and Biology researches looked at the electromyographic activity of a series of muscles involved in respiration to fatigue.  They found that early signs of respiratory fatigue could actually be found by examining the fatigue rate of the sternocleidomastoid and scalenes.  In other words when the musculature of the neck begins to fatigue due to heavy breathing soon the athlete will falter. 

describe the image

Pendulum 5-Way Neck

A well organized athletic program must include the development of the upper back and neck to maximize performance whether you are running or doing any activity that requires heavy breathing. 

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"Hail State" Clinic

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Dec 14, 2013 2:13:00 PM

Mississippi State Strength and Conditioning Clinic
Set For February 21-22, 2014

 describe the image

The Mississippi State University Strength and Conditioning Staff would like to invite you and your colleagues to our 5th Annual Strength and Conditioning Clinic.

This clinic is designed to increase your knowledge in the field of strength and conditioning and to benefit you for future experiences with your athletes. We hope you can make it and look forward seeing you this year!

Speakers for the clinic will include the following:

Matt Balis, Director of Strength and Conditioning, Mississippi State University

Thomas Stallworth, Assistant Strength Coach, Mississippi State University

Brian Neal, Assistant Strength Coach, Mississippi State University

Brady Collins, Assistant Strength Coach, Mississippi State University

Robert Stiner, Assistant Strength Coach, Mississippi State University

Alicia Catlette, Assistant Strength Coach, Mississippi State University

Angelo James, Assistant Strength Coach, Mississippi State University


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Special Guest Speaker - Jeremy Boone, Mental Training & Development

Special Guest Speaker - Michelle Rockwell, Gatorade Sports Science Institute Dietician

Special Guest Speaker - Cody Upton, Head Strength & Conditioning Coach, Brandon [MS] HS

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