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Don't Miss This Strength And Conditioning Clinic

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Feb 1, 2017 4:35:10 PM



  • WHEN: Friday, Feb 10th 2017- FREE SESSION from 6-9pm.
  • Saturday, February 11th 2017-Registration & Check-in @ 7:15-8:00am. Clinic will run approximately until 3:00pm.
  • WHERE: Clara Bell Smith Academic Center (adjacent to the Duffy Daugherty Building).
  • COST: $95 Pre-registered by Feb. 10th (includes video links to all presentations & a Spartan Strength T-Shirt).
  • $30 Pre-registered Students (must present valid Student ID at check-in)


  • Ted Lambrinides (Clinic Emcee-Director of Sports Science, Athletic Strength & Power
  • Allan Johnson (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach-East Tennessee State University)
  • Jason Novak (Strength & Conditioning Coach-Central Michigan University)
  • Tim Wakeham (Director of Strength & Conditioning Olympic Sports-Michigan State University)
  • Rick Court (Assistant AD for Football Sports Performance-University of Maryland).
  • Lorenzo Guess (Assistant Strength & Conditioning Coach-Football Michigan State University)
  • Shaun Tahrebandi (Head Strength & Conditioning Coach-Warren (MI) Mott HS)


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7th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development New Jersey Clinic

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jan 27, 2017 10:16:08 AM

The 7th Annual Strength and Conditioning/Athletic Development New Jersey Clinic is headed back to The Pingry School on Saturday, February 18, 2017. With coaches from the NFL and Division I levels, authors, researchers and current practitioners in the strength game all delivering dynamic presentations in the past. This event will be more hands-on and practical than your typical lecture only format. It will be a great opportunity for attendees to learn from those that work with professional athletes, collegiate athletes, youth athletes and more. The clinic will highlight a multidisciplinary approach integrating speed, movement, agility, resistance, technology, education and resistance training in a motivational, high energy, learning environment. Don’t miss out on this unique experience. Register today!

STT_0716 (1).jpg

Pendulum Power Rack System

The 7th Annual SC/AD New Jersey Clinic CEUs will be 0.8 NSCA, 3.25 CSCCa and 8 NSPA.

PRE-REGISTER before Feb 3 and join both STT and NutraBio at a Meet & Greet at NutraBio's facility on Friday, February 17, 2017. CLICK HERE for more details about this unique pre-clinic opportunity!

Arrive at NutraBio at 12:45p on Friday, February 17. Mark Glazier, Christina Mayor and the NutraBio Staff will begin the tour at 1:00p and it will last until approximately 2:30p. We look forward to seeing you at NutraBio. This opportunity really is priceless!

Open weight room times for strength training at The Pingry School's BRAND NEW facility will be either Saturday following NutraBio experience or early bird session on Saturday before clinic begins. Attendees who pre-register will provide feedback to determine best option. We look forward to hearing from you.

Potential itinerary for 7th Annual SC/AD New Jersey Clinic on February 18, 2017:

7:45-8:00a Opening Remarks – Doug Scott/Robert Taylor, Jr

8:00-8:55a "Implementing An Impact Oriented Program"
Robert Taylor, Jr., Founder and Owner of SMARTER Team Training

9:00-9:55a "Speed Development For Athletes"
Edward Grayer, Former Director of Speed Development for Rutgers Football

10:00-10:55a "Add Intensity To Your Training Daily"
Rick Court, Assistant AD/Head Football Sports Performance At The University Of Maryland

11:00-11:55a "What You Need To Know About Current Research"
Mike Gittleson, Former University of Michigan Football Head S&C Coach

12:00-12:55p “Round Table” for Q&A – Presenters will field questions, provide advice, suggestions, and guidance where applicable. Lunch provided.

1:00-1:55p "Truths, Myths and Deceptions about Sports Supplements"
Mark Glazier, CEO of NutraBio

2:00-2:55p "Strength Training For Injured Athletes"

3:00-3:55p "Working With The Multi-Sport Athlete"
Doug Scott, Head Strength and Conditioning Coach for The Pingry School

4:00p Closing comments – Doug Scott/Robert Taylor, Jr.

You can pick up your CEU’s at the completion of the clinic where you registered by handing in your evaluation sheets of the sessions you attended. CEU’s will not be handed out prior to the end of the conference as directed by the NSCA.

"Mail-in" registration, hotel information, directions, etc for this event coming soon!

Refund Policy: Register on or before Friday, January 20 - 50%. After January 20, there is no refund.

For additional information, email Coach Taylor at

The Pingry School
131 Martinsville Road
Martinsville, NJ 07920, USA
Sidenote: GPS may recognize address as Martinsville or Basking Ridge.


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The Zercher Squat

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jan 8, 2017 12:59:51 PM

In the early years of weight training many strongmen made their own special assortment of lifting tools. Bars of variable length and bar whip with solid globes, blocks of steel, cement or hollow metal endings. These 'bar-bells' varied based on the lifters preference and strength or often by the availability of resources.  Historians have credited the Boston strongman George Barker Windship and German strongman Louis Durlacher in the mid to late 1800's with the idea of using sand or lead shot inside the hollow spheres to vary the weight of bar-bells, dumb-bells and kettle-bells. Windship later patented the plate loaded “practical graduating dumb-bell” with wing nuts used as collars, which he began marketing in 1865. Other patents for barbells and weight equipment began appearing and in 1902 Alan Calvert of Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, founded the Milo Barbell Company and began selling adjustable bar-bells and dumb-bells.

If you grew up in the early twentieth century you may have purchased an advertised adjustable barbell set which was often delivered to your home. Along with the set came a pamphlet with photos of multiple exercises you could do. The set did not include a bench for bench pressing or stanchions for squatting and overhead pressing.

The adjustable barbell set was a simple iron bar around 5 feet in length with a chrome sleeve over the bar for gripping instead of knurling. The bar was loaded with plates that had a 1" hole. As one got stronger a simple exercise such as pressing a barbell became more difficult. When you tried to clean the barbell, not only was it awkward, but the plates did not spin torquing the wrist. This caused many lifters to cheat curl the bar or use a movement such as 'shouldering' and then switch their grip into a pressing grip before the bar was pushed overhead. 

When training the legs resting the bar on your back became problematic. The bar had to be cleaned, pressed over your head and rested on the shoulders before the squat or a lunge began. Getting enough weight to squat and affect the legs became extremely difficult for a lifter, as leg strength began to out pace pressing power. The conundrum was not only getting the bar to your back, but getting it safely off your shoulders when the lift was completed. The lifter could do a front squat, yet as mentioned the cleaning of the bar and wrists were a limitation. Companies began selling weight stands for your home, but many lifters couldn't afford the extra expense or just came up with ways to rest the weight on benches or developed new ways of exercising.

St. Louis Strongman Ed Zercher popularized and has been given credit for the development of what historically has been labeled the 'Zercher Squat.' Young men trying to develop ways of squatting with a simple barbell and no other lifting apparatuses deadlifted the bar to their knees and then in a squatting position worked the bar to the crook of their elbows and began doing a waist level deep front squat. Not comfortable, but it became away to Get Strong without a 'rack'.


If you are an avid lifter it is fun to try the Zercher Squat and feel the struggles that young men went through to Get Strong in their homes, basements and garages before the advent of the local health spa. 

Strength training is hard and should be hard, yet it shouldn't cause the pain and bruising of the bar digging into your joints as the Zercher Squat requires. Modern technology via the Pendulum Squat Pro allows all athletes regardless of their physical structure and varying limb length to achieve excellent squatting form with the heaviest weight they can handle. There is pain, but only the good direct pain of tremendous muscular development.  Ed Zercher would love the Squat Pro!

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Xavier Musketeers

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Nov 30, 2016 8:07:08 PM

Xavier University is a member of the Big East Conference and is located in Cincinnati, Ohio. The Musketeers Strength and Conditioning program is led by their 'outstanding'  Head Strength and Conditioning Coach, Matt Jennings. Matt was a center on the North Carolina Tar Heels football team in the early 1990's.  Interestingly, he coaches at a University that their sports program no longer includes the sport of football. Matt has brought his leadership, toughness and sense of purpose to Xavier to the good fortune of their athletic program.

Xavier recently upgraded their strength and conditiong facility to Get even Stonger.









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PENN Quakers

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Nov 25, 2016 11:30:05 AM

The University of Pennsylvania adds the Pendulum Squat Pro to their weight room.


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Frankenmuth High School Strength Training Facility

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Oct 21, 2016 12:15:06 PM


U.S.News_White.jpgFrankenmuth is located in Saginaw County Michigan, it is the home of the Bavarian Fest, 'Oktoberfest', Frankenmuth Snowfest, Great Lakes Regional Hot Air Balloon Championships, The Dog Bowl, Heritage Park, The Covered Bridge and one of the Nation's best High Schools -The Frankenmuth High School Eagles. 

The Eagles just built a strength training facility for it's students and in addition to their Pendulum Dual Power Racks they added a line of Pendulum Machines to Get their athletes Strong.



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'Go West, Young Man, Go West'

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Sep 22, 2016 8:58:49 AM

West Virginia football started in 1891, since then they have accumulated a 727–482–45 record and rank 14th in victories among NCAA FBS programs. They have a rich tradition in coaching from Clarence Spears, Art "Pappy" Lewis, Bobby Bowden, Don Nehlen, Rich Rodriguez and Dana Holgorsen. The Mountaineer's are known for their quickness, overall team speed and hard play, much of which can be attributed to their 'Master' Strength and Conditioning Director, Mike Joesph and his Staff. Mike oversees one of the great strength programs and facilities in the United States. 

20160909_115754.jpgPendulum 5 Way Head and Neck Machines


Pendulum Seated Squats


Pendulum Hip Presses


Pendulum 3 Way Rows


Pendulum Lat Combo Pulldowns


Pendulum Leg Curls


Pendulum Leg Extension


Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham an Squat Pro's

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Alma College Weight Room

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Aug 26, 2016 11:53:04 AM

NFL Hall of Famer George Allen, Denny Stolz, College football Hall of Famer Bob Devaney are just a few of the greats that played football at Alma College.  Located in Alma, Michigan, the 'Scots' installed Pendulum strength equipment to keep and Get their athletes Strong.

20160804_133852.jpgThe Pendulum Rack System

2016080495132756.jpgPendulum Power Stacks


20160804_132728.jpgPendulum Leg Curls, Pendulum Hip Press, 5 Way Neck, Pendulum Squat Pro


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The Problem Is Not The Problem. It Is The Symptom.

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jul 23, 2016 10:22:39 AM
The knee cap (patella) and the thigh bone (femur) form the patellofemoral joint. Seldom do individuals make it through life without experiencing patellofemoral pain making it one of the most common lower extremity issues seen by clinicians. 
When there is patellofemoral pain there is usually a loss of muscular strength of the vastus medialis oblique (VMO) a quadricep muscle above the knee on the front of the thigh. If muscle strength is lost exercises like straight-leg raises, quad sets and short-arc leg extensions are often recommended.
Current research in the 2016 Manual Therapy Journal, "The outcome of hip exercise in patellofemoral pain: A systematic review." , indicates that the addition of hip strengthening exercises and in some cases hip exercise alone can have a positive effect on reducing knee pain.
The Pendulum Hip Press was designed to specifically target the hip region, as well as, improve flexibility in the low position.
If you top load the Pendulum Squat Pro the athlete strengthens their hips in the low position. If you do this movement with the knees always over the heel, keeping the shin perpendicular to the floor, their is less stress on the patellofemoral joint. 
The Pendulum Reverse Glute/Ham can be used to directly target the hips.
Three great machines to Get the hips Strong.

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Aerobic Strength Training

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Jul 17, 2016 10:16:08 AM
There is no question that if you strength train throughout your life that as you age you will retain more muscle mass than those who don't. The health benefit of retaining muscle mass is enormous. Remember this - skeletal muscle though seldom referenced as, is the largest organ in the body.
We tend to think of skeletal muscles relative to their mechanical properties of muscle contraction, movement, posture and the process of respiration. Muscle is related to much more than locomotive functions. Skeletal muscle as mentioned, is a secretory organ. Several hundred cytokines, that is, small signaling proteins and various peptides (short chains of amino acids) are released by muscle cells called myocytes. This allows muscles to communicate with other organs such as adipose tissue, liver, pancreas, bones, and importantly the brain. Much of the communication is dependent on contraction so movement and activity are paramount in our healthy existence.
Middle age begins a progressive decline in muscle strength and muscle mass but skeletal muscle retention is not to be associated only with strength training.  Those who participate in long-term aerobic exercise attenuate age-related reductions in muscle strength when compared to the sedentary population and also reap cardiorespiratory and metabolic benefits. 
If you want to retain the most muscle as you age strength train and make sure you include a form of aerobic fitness as well. "A walk in the park" is a saying used for something seemingly easy but coupled with strength training it becomes a good way to Get Strong.
Pendulum Power Squat Pro

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