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Weighted Dips Take Nerve

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Mar 23, 2017 9:03:36 PM

The 'dip' exercise is great for the chest, shoulders, triceps and rhomboids. Training this movement regularly can bring the desired physical results. As one gets strong there eventually becomes a need for a waist belt for adding resistance to progressively overload. 

The hand is innervated by three nerves - the median, ulnar, and radial. As one becomes extremely strong the ulnar nerve tends to be susceptible to the added pressure of weighted dips, which causes pain in the heel of the hand radiating upwards towards the elbow. This nerve compression and uncomfortable feeling does not allow an individual to continue making progress with the exercise. 

Having a dip bar that has a larger than normal circumference takes stress off the nerves in the hand and allows an athlete to Get Strong!




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Wall Mounted Dip

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Feb 19, 2013 6:26:00 PM

Expand your weight room by using the Rogers Wall Mounted Dip Station. Increase the strength of the athlete's chest, shoulders and triceps and then return it to it's space saving position. A great way to Get Strong. 

Wall Mounted Dip

Wal Mounted Dip Opened

Weighted Dip

Weighted Dips


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Parallel Bars

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Aug 9, 2012 10:37:00 AM

Parallel Bars                                                                                            


If you were born shortly after World War II or earlier you can certainly remember parallel bars as part of your of your school physical education program.  Walking across the bars on your hands with your arms extended was a challenge and a worthy goal.  Being able to do several dips or an L-Sit meant you were strong.

wall mount

Inquire about the Rogers Collapsible Wall Mounted Dip

Calisthenics and body weight exercises were how most young athletes developed prior to the popularity of weightlifting.  The parallel bar dip was a staple and today is still a great and important exercise.  Being able to lift and move your body in space is an integral part of a strength training regime.

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Dips for many can be challenging and for some to be more effective require adding weight to a belt secured around the hips. You can also Get very Strong by managing time when doing repetitions.

Up in 5 seconds down in 10 seconds - goal 4 reps

Up in 15 seconds down in 30 seconds - goal 2 reps

Up in 30 seconds down in 60 seconds - goal 1 rep


Pendulum Rack System adjustable Chin/Dip bar

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You Can Still Do Heavy Dips

Posted by Mike Gittleson on Nov 23, 2010 7:56:00 PM

You can still do heavy dips                                                  

The deep branch of the ulnar nerve runs through the center of the hand. Serious athletes who train heavy and are progressive eventually have to stop dipping or alter the way they do the exercise.  Pressure from the dip bar on the nerve causes numbness in the fingers, hand, forearm and elbow each time they lift big weights.

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The extra thick handles requested by the University of Indiana's strength coaches and developed by Rogers Athletic address the problem. The Rogers dip station allows the athlete to continue one of the great upper body exercises without discomfort.


Josh Eidson does a series of dips with 135 pounds

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Dip Big Weights To Get Strong

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